Review Card

The perfect way for guests to share their experiences in real-time. With a simple tap, they can provide valuable feedback, helping you understand how to enhance your services, and boosting your rating on review sites. Make every guest a contributor to your success story.

Real-time Feedback Encourage guests to share their experiences instantly

Valuable Gather feedback effortlessly to enhance your services and boost your ratings

Contributive Every guest becomes a part of your success story

Available for pre-order

Dimensions: 54 mm x 85.6 mm x 1.5 mm

Material: Bamboo, Black Bamboo, Cherry wood, Walnut wood

Chip standards / ISO Norm: ISO 14 443-2 A, ISO 14 443-3 A

NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) Memory: 137 Byte

Compatibility to NFC-enabled smartphones: 100%, no app required

Data retention: 10 years