Memorable customer experience

Digital menu Access wood NFC card on restaurant table with QR code and contactless

Contactless connection

With a simple tap or scan, your customers can effortlessly engage with your restaurant. No more waiting or waving to the staff, your guests are in control

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Digital menu wood black NFC contactless card on coffee table with person with smartphone

Customized Table Markers

These cards aren't just for menus; they double as personalized table markers. Each reservation gets a touch of elegance

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Real-Time Updates
Changing the menu? No problem. Highlight daily specials and showcase new dishes
In a post-pandemic world, ensure a cleaner and safer experience by minimizing menu sharing
A simple tap, no app required
Customer experience
Instant access to multilingual menus and multimedia content
Feedback review wood NFC contactless card on moderna restaurant table

Instant reviews

Instant reviews at your guest fingertip. This feedback will boost your score on review sites

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