Info Card

The perfect companion for your guests! This NFC-powered card grants instant access to essential details about your establishment. From facilities to services, this card ensures that your guests have all the information they need at their fingertips.

Instant Access Provide immediate details about your establishment effortlessly.

User-friendly Ensure your guests have all essential information right at their fingertips.

Convenient The perfect companion for a hassle-free visit.

Available for pre-order

Dimensions: 54 mm x 85.6 mm x 1.5 mm

Material: Bamboo, Black Bamboo, Cherry wood, Walnut wood

Chip standards / ISO Norm: ISO 14 443-2 A, ISO 14 443-3 A

NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) Memory: 137 Byte

Compatibility to NFC-enabled smartphones: 100%, no app required

Data retention: 10 years